Welcome to 2011

Hey all, hope you have had a great holiday season, managed not to eat too much crap and got in plenty of socializing. We made it through without too much disruption to our GAPS diet. It isn’t easy to maintain your dietary guidelines under such exuberant hospitality that often occurs in these circumstances! I have been doing a lot of thinking, cooking, and cleaning lately hoping to get my home and mind organized to a degree where I can manage to juggle all the things I would like to do, finish and get involved in this year. In my house cleaning I pulled out a huge stack of papers, notes and other random collections that I have been wanting to post or tell you all about so I will be going through that soon. Beware — my postings may become even more random than ever – heh.



Upgrading Hella Delicious

As some of you may have noticed we have a great new design that opens up the site and hopefully will make things easier to find thanks to theinterzone.net. We are still working on it and will be making a few more shifts and changes. We have also put up the first episode of our long awaited Mouth of Babes…