New Zealand

Views of Wellington

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  • Cook Strait

    Cook Strait

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Wellington really feels like the end of the world in many ways, being at the tip of the North Island of New Zealand. With the wind and waves of all of the mighty Pacific Ocean rushing through the narrow Cook Straight, it gets the most changeable weather and wild winds of any place I have ever lived.

If you are really small and skinny I advise you never to move there :-). More

Road Tripping Aotearoa

Road Tripping Aotearoa

North Island Road Trips I took a biodynamic agriculture certificate course while living in Wellington, New Zealand. The course involved spending a week every few months on a biodynamic farm in Havelock North, New Zealand. As a result we were able to spend a bit of time road tripping across th ...

Methods of Mycelia

Methods of Mycelia

A Real Life Tale of Battle With Unseen Forces 4-515 Adelaide St, Berhampore, New Zealand View Map They are all around, in the air I breathe, colonizing my mucous membranes and forming mycelia through my brain and nervous system. My skin crawls with their prick, first on my temple, then m ...

Bitten By the Earth

Bitten By the Earth

A Journey to Become a Craniosacral Therapist Originally published in Healthy Options Magazine, New Zealand Riding my bike in a desperate dash to get to the ferry after a long day of cooking on Waihike Island, I felt extremely lucky there was a taxi behind me. For once I could actually see ...