Grape Kombucha Soda

This is a very simple technique that makes an extra tasty batch of kombucha. By adding fruit juice after the ten day fermentation period you get a fizzier drink, which means there is more alcohol. This drink is very much like a grape soda, but good for you! I have been making kombucha lately with honey, and I have found…


Soapnut Dishwashing Detergent

It is very easy to make liquid soap from soapnuts. I use it for my dishes, the floor, cleaning the bathroom and washing delicate items. Very handy to have around the house. It also can be used as a shampoo.

  • 100g soapnuts
  • 3 quarts (litres) water

Add the soapnuts to the water. Bring the water to a boil. Turn down the heat to a low simmer for at least 30 minutes.



GAPS / SCD Diet, Cancer and Fungus

A big thanks to everyone for their kind words of support over the past week or so since we found out that my mother has cancer in her pancreas. :-( Sorry I haven’t been communicating this last week, we got the news and then had to get our taxes done, which was a bit pain in the neck. We are also taking a trip to LA this month, so I am trying to get my garden and everything else in place before we go. I have been thinking about cancer as a result so these ramblings are what have been fermenting in my mind of late.

When food, the body, the heart, and the mind become perfectly united with nature, a natural diet becomes possible. The body as it is, following its own instinct, eating if something tastes good, abstaining if it does not, is free. -Masanobu Fukuoka

Yesterday, at the laundromat, I managed to read a few more of Masanobu Fukuoka’s essays in what has been dubbed ‘the little green book,’ The One-Straw Revolution. I got into the section on what he calls ‘natural diet.’ He lays out in a clear and beautiful way a description of the importance of the relationship of nature and mankind and how this relationship is developed through eating and farming/foraging. I got so excited by it that I have pulled out my favorite excerpts here. I feel that this SCD/ GAPS diet we are on is helping me to regain the sensitivity of a natural person who is in tune with their instincts, that Masanobu Fukuoka speaks of. Please take a minute to read the sections I pulled out, very profound, it shows the importance of food for creating a natural and peaceful culture for our world.



Thoughts on Guerrilla Gardening

Reclaimed GreenspaceThere are as many ways to guerrilla garden as there are stars in the sky, and that is the best thing about it. The best way to do it is your way and to just get started. Many people love to make seed bombs and drop them as a group, other people love sneaking privately about the city — planting plots. Some people like to be highly organized — others random and without a thought. The main thing that holds it all together is that we are people reclaiming the land around us, reaching out and getting involved, hanging around and making sure that it grows, and grows and is a pleasure for all who pass by.

I have recently started reading the book The One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka and his natural farming methods have astonished me and made me rethink what little I thought I knew about growing plants. I was already familiar with Rudolf Steiner’s methods of biodynamic farming, yet even so this book has been a real mind-opener.

Although I have been planting things in random places for a few years I haven’t had a chance to really take over a piece of land in an urban setting until this year. I spent much of last year walking the streets around my area checking out pieces of land. I didn’t want it to be too far from where we live in case it didn’t rain much and I had to haul water every day. I didn’t want it next to a main road to avoid the pollution from car exhaust, and I wanted it to get plenty of sun and rain. I finally found a good spot on the Greenway under the skytrain and next to the train tracks not too far from our apartment.