HD 207 – Cow Day

Please share this video far and wide to help educate people about the simple ridiculousness and insane expense of the Big Industry attack on small community dairies. Help to show your support for Michael Schmidt and the other fighters for responsible food rights who are on a hunger strike across Canada. Michael Schmidt is agister for my cowshare and has been doing everything in his power to work with Health Canada to certify and register raw milk dairies (please see this post and be sure to visit for more info)

Members of the Vancouver cowshare gather to watch their cows in action.

What’s a cowshare you ask?

It’s a member owned dairy, created because Canada is the only G8 country that bans the sale of raw milk. Even though the safety standards are higher at raw milk dairies.

Why go to such lengths to curb our freedoms?

Because Canadian politicians are in the pockets of Big Dairy. And Big Dairy is afraid of the competition. Because their milk is disgusting, while our milk is delicious!

Tell your representatives that you don’t want them accepting money from Big Business to push people around. Rally for food freedom in your city November 23 2011