Milk Industry

Support Vancouver’s Raw Milk Community

We live in a small apartment overlooking a couple main roads, right next to two gas stations in Vancouver BC. When we moved here one of the first things I did was to try to find a farm that would supply us with raw milk. Living in an apartment in a city without a place to grow your own food or have any access to a farm is a very precarious situation. We are fortunate to have a long sunny balcony where I grow herbs and a wonderful friend is letting us garden in her backyard this year, but food secure is something we are far from being.

Please join us for Vancouver BC’s screening of Milk War

Fortunately, we discovered a local cowshare whose goal is to bring the country to the city and help people like us. We got on the waiting list right away and after about a year we finally received word we could join. That was the day that not only did we begin to feel slightly more secure in our access to real food, but we became members of a whole new family. It is exciting to belong to a group of people who commit themselves to good, wholesome food, and it has been really wonderful getting to know this community. It is amazing how this nourishing, natural food source brings together people from the left, the right and the middle of the road. I have met people from all over the world through our cowshare, and for us, being a part of this welcoming community is just as important as having access to real food.