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Canadian Dairy Cartel: Why is Our Milk So Expensive?

As the article explains, it isn’t just dairy — certain people are making a lot more money than they should be off of basic food-stuffs here in Canada. At the same time they are dictating how we get our milk. One thing I have never understood is why we have to get our milk pre-cooked, and yet we can get raw eggs, raw meat etc (well not for long if the irradiation companies get their way). We should have a choice, we should be able to know which cow we get our milk from and how it has been treated if we want to. Our cowshare, for example has talked to all the local politicians about this issue and it is completely ignored because they are all in the pockets of these agricultural cartels. Big business is sucking our life-blood. We need to go back to local small-scale artisan dairies, this system supported the huge population of India for thousands or years and is much safer than the massive unhealthy factory farms of industrial dairying. Not only is the milk unsafe (the province of British Columbia has declared all of their raw milk a hazardous substance, the only place in the world to do so) but the cows are diseased and the workers mistreated. Let us choose a better option for everyone except the damn greedy corporations and governmental cronies that support them for once. (Sorry for the rant, but read the article and you will be ranting too.)