Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor – Food Terrorist Extraordinaire

Recently my father forwarded me this short, too the point overview of this whole raw milk fiasco from The Sierra Club’s GRAPPLE: With Issues and Ideas. It is good to see this issue gaining mainstream traction, with more people realising the connections between Monsanto, Big Dairy, the USDA and Michael Taylor. For anyone still wondering what all the fuss about raw milk is these days, this is a good summary of the total nonsense and waste of money this whole thing is.

Raw-Milk Menace by Dashka Slater

One morning last August, federal agents and local sheriff’s deputies swooped down on a health food store in Venice, California, to seize and destroy dangerous contraband: raw milk and room-temperature eggs. James Stewart, the 64-year-old founder of Rawesome, a club that distributes farm-fresh food to 1,600 members, was charged with six felonies and seven misdemeanors, including conspiracy to process milk without pasteurization.

Dump FDA Food Safety Czar Michael Taylor

Dump FDA Food Safety Czar Michael Taylor

It is always helpful when you have a specific target to go after. It has great potential to succeed as it focuses and amplifies the determination of the people. This petition is a great idea and I for one can't wait to see Michael (Monsanto Mike) Taylor dumped. This will be a good first step in clea ...