Michael de Jong

BC Completely Supports Prohibition of Raw Milk in Canada

I don’t have a copy of the letter we sent to the Minister of Health, so I am not sure if this letter addressed my issues or not, but it is just a standard sort of a letter that doesn’t really give any consideration for the points brought up. Also, as you can see the reply keeps talking about raw milk without any understanding of the differences between factory farmed raw milk and raw milk from artisanal dairies. There is no consideration of cultural and religious sensitivity. There is no consideration that the health and treatment of the animals is a big concern for many people. All they can see are pathogens. From this letter it is pretty clear that there is a huge lack of understanding about the importance and symbiotic nature of helpful gut microflora for healing and boosting the immune system. There is absolutely no mention of the studies that demonstrate that raw milk reduces asthma and allergies remarkably. These will be some points we bring up in our next letters…I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, let us know if you get a more personalized response to your letters.

Letter from Tim Lambert, Executive Director of Health Protection regarding raw milk after we wrote to Michael de Jong, Minister of Health to please review and work with Michael Schmidt on creating a certified dairy program in Canada.