How to Metaprogram Yourself

I’ve recently been spending some time down at Village #Occupy Vancouver as well as reading Robert Anton Wilson’s book Prometheus Rising. What a great combination. What is happening at Village #Occupy is so inspiring. I am just thrilled everyday for every minute I can be down there. We are especially fortunate here to be on Unceded Coast Salish land and to have the Elders consecrate the land the village is on.

I would like to take a second to share the game Robert Anton Wilson describes on pages 196 – 199 “The Magic Room”

I will try to keep is sucinct by pulling out excerpts that strike me as significant. Of course I will be pulling these out according to my own reality-tunnels so I recommend reading the whole thing if you can at some point. Find it on google books here.

A popular game with California occultists — involves a Magic Room which contains an Omniscient computer.