Health Horoscopes 2010

Light TunnelThere is an amazing lady Harsha Rigney who is an Astrological Councellor. She lives in New Zealand and writes the most spot on and comprehensive horoscopes I have ever had the opportunity to read. She also produces a fantastic Astrovision Moon Calendar, which is specific to the Southern Hemisphere but is full of very pertinent information. Her health horoscopes for 2010 were recently published in the Healthy Options December issue and brings light to the challenges we are all facing…

“We have all stepped into the pressure zone–no one is exempt; we are all under the challenge to break through the confining control of fear to come to a new dimension of living. Humanity is in the process of metamorphosis–both globally and for each of us individually. As in the stages of metamorphosis, as each new life form beckons, it initiates the process of death for the old identity before the new life can emerge.”