Cow-Share Member Speaks Out About her Decision to Drink Raw Milk

The following is reposted from and is written by Sharon Priest Nagata, M.Ed., RCC. It is very interesting to read as it highlights just how much thought and research goes into each cowshare member’s decision to get good, grass-fed, raw milk. Cowshare members seek out raw milk without being advertised to daily on billboards, in magazines, on tv or on the radio. No one is twisting their arms, putting millions of dollars into studying their habits so as to best sell them on this delicious natural product. She makes very good points:

The issue of whether or not you should legislate against the right to consume raw milk products is once more in the forefront for many of us, and please do inform yourselves properly. I used to be squeamish about consuming raw milk, believing as I imagine you do that it’s bad for us.

Turns out that fresh raw milk from small dairies has many many health benefits while processed pasteurized milk doesn’t. I know the big dairies have to pasteurize because their milk comes from many sources and it is not consumed within a few days but rather needs to have a shelf life. It is much harder to monitor huge dairy herds than tiny ones like Our Cows Herdshare and it is in the public interest that the government insist that this milk (from large dairies who sell their milk to ANONYMOUS consumers) be pasteurized before consumption.