Completely abused in the large-scale food industry. Is it surprising that eating an animal that has been treated so inhumanely might be detrimental to our health?

Susan Weed Interviews Sally Fallon

This is just a quick post because I have just discovered Susan Weed's site Wise Women Weblog and her radio show where she interviews empowering women. Sally Fallon has been one of my heroes ever since I first picked up her cookbook Nourishing Traditions in 2001. Reading her book finally made nutrition make sense, the continuous contradictions that were coming…


Talking Turkey Talk

With 46 million turkeys eaten at Thanksgiving (690 million pounds of flesh), and 22 million at Christmas, the turkey literally becomes a part of us during holiday season. The bird is unique to America, and examining our relationship to it throughout our history demonstrates the schizophrenic nature of how we interact with the ecosystem that supports us. An apt example…

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Honey-Yogurt Marinade

I was taught this recipe by Bo Htein, who was taught how to cook by his paralyzed mother when he was a kid growing up in Myanmar. serves 4 1/2 c yogurt 1/4 c honey 1 clove garlic, minced 4 chicken legs salt and pepper Method: Mix together the yogurt, honey, garlic and chicken. Allow to marinate overnight. Bake or…