Matteo Tavera

Barefoot Societies & the Sacred Mission

This post is best read in conjunction with this article on illness and incubation. The healing nature of incubation is a sister to the connecting nature of earthing. They complement each other.

When I started looking into cellphones and their effect on our tissues and DNA, I came across Earthing. I have mentioned it on various occasions, as it is a remarkably simple, practical and affordable healing technique. Now it cracks me up to see the simple act of going barefoot made into the next health fad with jargon, but it’s true. Give it a try. Earthing (also called grounding or an electroceutical) is the simple idea that our rubber shoes prevent the transfer of negative ions from our mother Earth to our bodies. Or think of the Earth as an extra-mega anti-oxidant. Disease and inflammation are often caused by free-radicals grabbing the nearest electron from the next guy, causing a cascade of destructive elements tearing up tissues. The Earth provides the negative ions these greedy buggers are after, immediately stopping the chain reaction they create. A simple 20 minutes two times a day of walking barefoot, or getting your skin in contact with the Earth is recommended.