Ayurdedic Methods to Cleanse Toxic Electromagnetic Frequencies

Recently I have become aware of my personal sensitivity to EMFs which has been steadily increasing with the increase in use of wireless technology. I have been on the GAPS diet for two years, which has helped my condition immensely but I hit a plateau with my healing about 6 months ago. I have been researching this topic more deeply of late, and recently came upon the work that Vaidya R.K. Mishra has done with Ayurvedic techniques for cleansing these toxic frequencies. In reading his article and beginning to massage my marma points (see diagram below) I wasn’t so surprised to find that many of the points are areas that I have noticed getting increasingly sore and sensitive. I have a bottle of very viscous sandalwood oil I picked up in the Indian market in Myanmar a few years ago, so I have been using a few drops of sandalwood mixed into cold-pressed castor oil to rub into my marma points. Since I have found remarkable synchronicity in my own experience with what Vaidya Mishra has outlined I am reposting excerpts from a couple articles to help explain his methods.

The first article is from a student of Vaidya Mishra, Dr. Doug Beech and explains the Ayurvedic approach in easily understandable language. The second article is from Vaidya Mishra himself and outlines various techniques you can practice on yourself to help clear these toxic frequencies. The last article is an excerpt from an interesting article on kundalini that I couldn’t help but add in as it brings in one of my favorite authors Robert A. Heimlein and his “grok” to add a bit of Western alchemy/science fiction into the mix. I hope this helps everyone who is suffering from this modern scourge.