Use Butter Generously

I recently found this in a cookbook compilation from my mother-in-law. I like to collect old community cookbooks from around the turn of the century and my mother-in-law loves to hang out in thrift shops looking for forgotten goodies, so she often finds me great stuff. I usually find really nourishing, long forgotten recipes in these old community compilations, from ladies who really knew how to cook!

The Farmer’s Wife, was a monthly magazine published from 1893 to 1939 by Webb Publishing Company of St. Paul, Minnesota and is now in public domain. This is an interesting article written around 1929 when the USDA was doing its best to encourage people to eat more butter because of a butter surplus! What a different world that was. Corn and other vegetable oils were coming into the market–and the edible oil wars were just beginning. Here is an open hearted plea to the nation to eat more good old farm butter.