Mae-Wan Ho

Local freedom and global cohesion

One of the websites I have followed ever since I started blogging is Dr. Mae-Wan Ho’s, so I was very excited when I found an article by her in the appendix of the notes in our Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Training a late last year. The seminar was on whole body dynamics and we were working with the fascia a fair amount. I guess I relate well to fascia or something. I think it is from being a chef for all these years. I have spent a fair amount of time cutting ligaments and tendons and other connective tissue sheaths off of muscles, so I am very familiar with the slippery, tough, slick tissue. Our class is fairly small and we had two excellent tutors, Ged Sumner and Heidi Lauber, so I took the opportunity to read the article during the hands on sessions the students were doing.