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Sick of Being Lied To? Protect Yourself From Radiation With Vitamin C

This is some good news despite the disaster of Fukushima. As Dr Atsuo Yanagisawa points out in the following documentary vitamin C can actually reverse the damage done to DNA from ionizing radiation. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and helps to remove the damage done by free-radicals. Non-ionizing radiation such as that from wireless networks (cellphones, smartmeters etc) also causes free-radicals so Vitamin C and other antioxidants also help with conditions caused by living in a hot-spot as we are.

It is disturbing to learn that despite Dr. Yanagisawa’s repeated attempts to get this life saving information to the Japanese government and main stream media his is simply ignored. Despite the fact that the Japanese military put out a report on the benefits of vitamin C for just these exact circumstances in 2010. They clearly know about it. It is also pretty disturbing to see how all our governments, the US and the UK included have simply raised the ‘safe’ levels of all of these dangerous toxins instead of doing anything to stop it or inform people. As the doctors in this video repeatedly say, it is clearly up to us to protect our own health and that of our families. It is pure blind foolishness to trust and rely on the reports from our governments and our main stream media who are simply protecting financial interests.

I for one am very relieved to hear that studies have been done proving the reversal of DNA damage to workers in the at the Fukushima site after taking high doses of vitamin C as it is clear there is plenty of the radiation over here on the West Coast of North America as well as all across the Northern Hemisphere. None of us can avoid it at this point, we are eating it every day.