The Amazing Health Benefits of Kefir

kefir grains

Reposting of the information about kefir put together over at www.bovinity.webs.com. A wonderful and well-researched look into how kefir can help with cancer, herpes, IBS, immune disfunction, allergies, colitis and leaky gut among many other things. Alternate names for milk-based Kefir Grains (also called kefir gems or jewels): Tibetan Mushrooms, Yogurt Plant, Yogurt Mushroom, Yogurt Fungus, Snow Lotus, Kin-oko or Tane-oko [Jap], Tibetanischer Pilz [German]

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Kefir is one of the oldest cultured milks, having its origin in the Caucasian Mountains. With a bubbly effervescence and no bitter after taste, Kefir has been called the “champagne of milk”. Kefir is a fermented milk which contains a mixture of several species of lactic cultures. Yogourmet Kefir starter is prepared from selected strains of active Kefir cultures and Kefir grains, so it produces a rich, creamy, alcohol free drink every time. It is a refreshing, nutritious, and therapeutic dairy treat for all ages. Kefir does not require the use of a yogurt maker, since the milk is incubated at room temperature for about 18-24 hours.