Bolivia Set to Pass ‘Law of Mother Earth’

I don’t really want to keep posting newgrabs and would prefer to just post interesting news to my accounts on facebook and twitter, but some news is just so fantastic that I can’t help but get excited and repost it! With Earth Day coming up on Good Friday, Bolivia is showing us all what we should have done decades ago. As more and more environmental disasters kill off all species and mining for uranium, gas, oil, lumber etc create huge abscesses into our mother’s flesh, I pray that every country follows Bolivia’s example.

Bolivia enshrines natural world’s rights with equal status for Mother Earth: Law of Mother Earth expected to prompt radical new conservation and social measures in South American nation. Please read the full article here.

Open-Source Quantum Food Sovereignty

Open-Source Quantum Food Sovereignty

I just found this post over at Center for a Stateless Society's website. It does a great job of explaining the Food Safety Act issue clearly and succinctly. The food safety bills C-36 and the S-510 have just been passed in Canada and the US, in the next year we will see exactly what more government ...