Turkish Sun Jams

Many years ago while doing a study abroad program in Morocco, we spent a lot of time eating the best bread and apricot jam I have ever had. We ate it for breakfast, lunch and even just for a snack.

This last week our local farmers market was chock full of tasty sun-ripened apricots. I bought a bunch and made a delicious apricot jam. Unfortunately, it rained non-stop and I was unable to finish it in the sun, but if you have the opportunity to do so, your jam will be better than you imagine. Apricots are full of vitamin A and potassium among other things. BC Apricots are amazing!

Honey Beet Jam

Honey Beet Jam

1 pound beets honey 1 inch ginger root almonds or hazelnuts, sliced Method: Wash, peel and cut beets into ½ inch slices. Cook and drain. Add one cup of honey for each cup of beets and cook until thick. Flavor with ginger root and serve cold with nuts. ...