Miso Soup For Radiation

I recently posted about the benefits of miso soup in cases of radiation poisoning. Miso soup is easy to make and is extra beneficial when made with the Japanese stock dashi because of the kelp (kombu) that is used when making that stock. More information on how to detoxify radiation poisoning and other toxic conditions here.

Variations of dashi can be made with only kombu or with an addition of shittake mushrooms. Kombu dashi has a lot of iodine from the seaweed and is helpful if you are exposed to radiation. The addition of traditionally made hatcho miso to your dashi stock has quite powerful radiation detoxing abilities. But commercial miso has also been found to work as well.

Foods to Detoxify Radiation Poisoning

Foods to Detoxify Radiation Poisoning

The following is quoted from the book Culinary Treasures of Japan: The Art of Making and Using Traditional Japanese Foods by John and Jan Belleme. The Japanese are currently facing impossible times with the earthquake, tsunami and now their nuclear plants leaking radioactive materials. Of all the na ...