From Mother’s Gut to Milk

Babies receive antibodies specific to the mother's intestinal pathogens. Antibodies in the mother's gut travel to the mammary gland and enter the milk supply. A mother's gut bacteria also travel to the mammary gland and enter her milk supply.

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The Ganglion parasites from Dark Skies

Revenge of the Candida Fungus

When candida becomes fungal, it is like an alien invasion on the body and can produce rhizoids, long, stringy, finger-like/root-like structures that burrow into the intestinal wall.


Intestinal Healing with the GAPS diet

Pillars to healing GAPS, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, chi gong and raw milk. The three keys to the GAPS diet are removing processed carbs, optimizing gut micro-organisms and detoxing the body's tissues. It sure feels good.


Anise Hazelnut Torte

I picked up a bag of shelled hazelnuts and soon found they are very easy to shell using a morter and pestle. After soaking the nut meat overnight I roasted them in a very low oven. The following recipe is what resulted next: 1 1/2 c hazelnuts (ground) 1/2 c almonds (ground) 1 T anise (ground) 3 T butter, softened…