The Brain-Gut-Microbe Axis

Source: Jon Lieff MD

gutThis is a fascinating article about the power and importance of the microbes in our gut in communicating with body systems, with intuition, dreams, emotions and much more. It is very exciting to have all of this cutting edge information about our microbes coming to the forefront. I have recently read articles in National Geographic, Scientific American, the New York Times and many more about our amazing biome, or as some have called these micro-organisms our “forgotten organ.” This organ is an organ of perception on very subtle as well as very gross levels.

Last week I observed the infamous raw milk trial. Fraser Health’s top executives and lawyer displayed their blatant old-fashioned, institutionalised and downright ignorant mind-set in regards to microbes. This petty and stubborn refusal to see microbes as anything but a evil terror is incredibly dangerous. This is increasingly given recent break-throughs on how vital microbes are for our health, happiness and interconnectedness. These people are hired to protect public health and it is irresponsible for them to completely dismiss any information regarding the beneifits of probiotics for public health. I just wish they could get their heads out of the sand and take some adult education classes (or simply read a book) on the amazing benefits of probiotics before they continue down this expensive path laid out for them by the big agricultural corporations who simply want total control.

Sorry for that rant, it just really annoys me how corporation-backed mainstream media likes to portray raw milk drinkers and ignorant, religious freaks when most of the people I have met who are involved with raw milk are actually some of the smartest in every way that I have come across. Granted we all may have a certain fundamental belief in the importance of knowing the food web as intimately as possible, since we understand that there is more to nourishing ourselves than simply the physical aspect of food (which is also very important).

Anyway I highly recommend having a look around Jon Lieff MD’s site as he has a ton of fascinating info there about microbes, brain plasticity and more.

Gut Feelings: The Brain-Gut-Microbe Axis

“I’m not sure I agree with that!”

“I’ve got a funny feeling in my belly.”

“I better watch out!”

Theories of consciousness must run through the body. How integrated are the organs of the human body with the embodied mind? Are specific organs, like the heart and the gut, critical to emotions, unconscious decision-making, memory, and the general function of consciousness?

The gut, the center of gravity of the body, the “core” in athletic training, the focus of life sustaining eating and drinking, has the second largest brain in the human body with the least control from the higher brain centers. This “second brain” has been considered important in intuitive reasoning, intuition commonly referred to as “gut feelings”. The gut has important roles in our experiences of fear, anxiety, anticipation, and other important emotions.