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Watering the Garden

Published in Far West Almanac, September 2009.

WaterPerhaps I have been watching too much Al Jazeera, but that, along with the film Blue Gold: World Water Wars, has got me worrying about folks down in LA. I honestly still can’t believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger is really the governor of California—I keep wondering when I will wake up and find that I have somehow gotten stuck in a chapter from Robert A. Heinlein’s book Job: A Comedy of Justice. In a parallel universe this must be a big joke. It seems that Los Angeles in particular is at the forefront in showing the world how the United States of America handles our economic difficulties. I have recently rediscovered long lost friends from my high school days in Pasadena via facebook, and I wish I had more answers for establishing sustainable community under the difficult conditions of LA.

Beware the Pharmaceutical

Beware the Pharmaceutical

In the Americas we don't know whether what we are eating is genetically modified or not. We don't know what other types of additions we are getting in our meat and dairy either. Food is also "enhanced" with all kinds of vitamins and minerals as well as flavorings, toxins, colorings and preservativ ...