Icelandic Hot-Springs Bread

Image Source: Kelsey Reckling

Like many people I’ve rather an obsession with hot-springs, especially wild unadulterated hot-springs. Took long enough but finally a curiosity popped into my head wondering if people cooked in hot-springs traditionally. So of course they did, in fact they still are. Here is one example of a continuing delicious tradition:

Wine Torte

Wine Torte

(Viner Terta) is a very interesting traditional Icelandic Cake, this is a favorite recipe from Tastefully Yours, the Cook's Book by Grace W. Taubman (1969). Makes 2 cakes of 5 layers each Torte Layers: 1 c butter 2 c sugar 4 eggs ½ c sour cream 1 t baking soda 1 t baking powde ...