Bartle Bogle Hegarty is Running a human experiment called Homeless Hotspots

I know. My eyes crossed when I read that sentence too. On many levels my cells just scrambled with the very idea of such a thing. But if you read the whole article below, you will find at the bottom an interview with a human hotspot, who has nothing but positive things to say about it all. Please read the full article by Jon Mitchell here. A very well organised article that lays out how mind-twisting the whole idea is to begin with. It really strikes a chord for me right now as we struggle with a sudden increase in electromagnetic frequencies from the eight wireless smartmeters recently installed below us.

I guess the question that pops to my mind about the whole thing is if Bartle Bogle Hegarty also include a hefty health insurance deal in their contracts for all the future cancer their human hotspot is gonna have to deal with later. I know BC Hydro has no intention of covering health treatments for any of us.