Killing Diversity – the Pasteurization of Cultures

Killing Diversity — the Homogenization and Pastuerization of Cultures

Over the weekend we were invited to a lovely dinner party with an eclectic assortment of people. I immediately found myself deep in conversation with a lovely lady from Greece who told me of her favorite technique for making goat’s milk ricotta. The passion and enthusiasm that came through as she described just how the milk is heated and the lemon juice added was simply delicious. I could practically taste the fresh cheese myself. She was soon onto bewailing the fact that she could only get whole milk, pasteurized and homogenized and that the percentage of fat even in the adulterated full cream milk is ridiculously low in comparison to the percentage she was used to when she made it in Greece with raw milk from local goats. (More info: Manipulated ‘Milk’ and the Loss of the Creamline)

Homogenization – Manipulated ‘Milk’ and the Loss of the Creamline

Homogenization – Manipulated ‘Milk’ and the Loss of the Creamline

With all the fuss going on lately about raw milk, it is a good idea to have a look at the history of the dairy industry and how we have gotten to this point. Let's call it part two of our Factory Farm History 101. Read the first part here about distillery dairies in New York. This is taken from Anne ...