Thank You Oma Harriet

In memory of Oma Harriet who died 3 Aug, 2012. Hella Delicious is originally her idea. She loved diversity, nature, traditional techniques, cultures, languages and much more. A big thanks for all of the ways she expanded my universe.


Transition Town Movement

The Transition movement works on the basis that if we wait for government to act on issues such as climate change we'll be waiting until hell freezes over; and if we only act as individuals, that's too little.


All Hail the Legume

Respect to the Bean

I recently had a request for information about beans. I think actually it was more a request about how to cook dried beans than these sorts of facts! For details on soaking beans check out this recipe for refried beans. In the meantime let your mind be titillated with these bizarre bits about beans.

Legume family: Fabaceae (or Leguminosae). The third largest family among the flowering plants (after the orchid and daisy families), and second most important to the human diet, after the grasses.