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Infographic: Is Higher Education the Next Big Bubble?

Infographic from www.economywatch.com

Getting into a good university is not an easy feat. Securing a job upon graduation, in the current economic climate, is not easy too. However, the biggest challenge for most university graduates is paying off their education loan. It may sound preposterous that some have called higher education the next big bubble. Hardly surprising: The sum of student debt stands higher than credit card debt across the United States.

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Higher Education has Increasingly Become a Scam

Higher Education has Increasingly Become a Scam

A comment on one of my posts about the student loan scandal lead me to this post: Edumacated, what a great cartoon too. Very true, I have reposted that as well. Another very important article about the whole issue of what is going to happen when the student loan bubble finally bursts as well as some ...