Sugar High: The Dark History and Nasty Methods Used to Feed Our Sweet Tooth

One of my favorite things about the GAPS / SCD diets are that you are also boycotting refined sugar when on them. I have long hated sugar, it is a drug more insidious and harder to kick than tobacco. I have kicked both the tobacco and the sugar habit so I can say this with experience. I love the saying “We are digging our graves with our teeth.” When we eat sugar this is exactly what we are doing. It’s history is as disgusting as the things this white powder does to our bodies. The only way to consume it is fermented in a batch of kombucha, and even then it is best to use a naturally dried type.

It is interesting to note that sugar cane was originally domesticated in New Guinea. I grew up in Papua New Guinea and I remember chewing on sugar cane as a kid. It was actually known as being good for your teeth as it is quite tough and fibrous and strengthens your teeth from the work out they get. I always remember being impressed with the local inhabitants strong teeth. Or check out this Midnight Oil track about the sugar refining company.