Re-Visioning Hella Delicious

Long, long ago I had a dream to have a magazine with all my friends and family contributing and sharing their experiences as third culture kids (or not) so that others going through the same sorts of things will have something to relate to. Over the past nine months Hella Delicious has evolved to encompass many more facets of the DIY real-food-lovin’ culture, demonstrating that something much better than what we are generally led to imagine, already has an extensive network of roots and is now shooting up all over our world. In fact, it is well on it’s way to blossoming and bearing fruit.

Hella Delicious has been getting more authors and people who would like to contribute so we have a new design in the works, which we hope to have coming on-line in August. We had a lot of travels and whatnot at the beginning of the year, which has helped to clarify the idea of where Hella Delicious is going, having a chance to hang out with some old friends and family helped with hashing certain aspects out. Other good news is that Hella Delicious was recently ranked 36th in America’s top local food websites for 2010! We are pretty pleased.