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Healing Powers of Cholesterol

Rather than avoiding 'bad fatty cholesterol,' one should avoid the following fats: foods fried in vegetable oils, all hydrogenated oils, refined or processed oils, margarine, transfats, and any oil that has been overheated.


Wise Traditions London 2011 – DVDs Available Now

With the Wise Traditions conference here in the US just around the corner I thought it appropriate to post this series of DVDs from the London 2011 Conference. Great series. Samples from many of the talks are available on Vimeo here. Unfortunately I’m not gonna be at the conference this year. Too much going on! I am just barely getting back on my feet after a week of a biodynamic craniosacral therapy training followed by the Raw Milk Rally with Michael Schmidt on day 33 of his hunger strike. Thanks be to God he is eating again now.



Sugar is More Dangerous than Smoking

Newsgrab from the Irish Times:

Cardiac Expert says Sugar More Dangerous than Smoking.

Read the full article here.

Following are a few favorite excerpts from the article:

Sugar is a “drug” that is more dangerous to health than smoking and elevated cholesterol combined, a leading cardiovascular expert has told an international conference in Galway.

Centenarians who are free of cardiovascular disease usually had low sugar and low insulin levels, Sherif Sultan of Galway University Hospital’s Western Vascular Institute said yesterday.