Healing Powers of Cholesterol

photo © Oksix

Although I assume most of our readers will already know that the whole ‘cholesterol is bad’ is a complete myth which the pharmaceutical companies love to promote, I really appreciated this article written by a local Vancouver fitness coach. It is short, to the point and presents the real picture in a clear way. I am glad to see that cholesterol is getting more appreciation these days. Our brains wouldn’t work at all if we were totally cholesterol free. Thanks to Allan Lawry of www.alfitness.ca for this post.

Cholesterol the unknown healer by Allan Lawry

Research has shown that, rather than avoiding the so called ‘bad fatty cholesterol,’ one should avoid the following fats: foods fried in vegetable oils, all hydrogenated oils, refined or processed oils, margarine, transfats, and any oil that has been overheated. These fats turn rancid and oxidize in the body. This can cause excess free radical production, which can cause internal inflammation. Inflammation causes a cascade of problems including the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, a precursor to arterial damage and heart problems such as angina and coronary blockages (heart attacks).