The Cutest Hand-Cranked Washing Machine

Wonder Wash from The Laundry Alternative.

Laundry day no longer fills me with dread as it used to. We live in a small apartment with no washing machine and I used to have to go to the local laundromat whenever it was time to do laundry. I am extremely hypersensitive to chemicals and a day at the laundromat would mean a migraine and pure agony for me from all of the bleach and other chemical laundry detergents used by everyone else doing their laundry. It was especially painful if I had to go on a rainy or cold day when all of the doors and windows were tightly closed and I had no chance of getting a breath of fresh air to get me through the experience. I finally got fed up with the whole experience and did a search online for apartment-sized washing machines only to find prices out of control and no second hand alternatives available.