Six Months on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet

We began the GAPS diet (or enhanced Specific Carbohydrate Diet) in February, so we have now been on it for more than six months. The difference is remarkable. I have sent in for another hair analysis so I can compare the result with the test I did last November. All of our conditions have not completely disappeared. We have had to do a fair amount of travelling earlier this year and it has been difficult to maintain full control over everything that goes into our mouth on those occasions, but on the whole we have done very well.

The hardest thing about this diet is that it makes it very difficult to socialize. We can’t really go out to eat, go over to peoples houses to eat or even out for a couple drinks. We have started to drink Bloody Mary’s on occasion, as they seem to be relatively harmless. Beer or wine or anything sweetened just does us in. Going out to restaurants is a real pain too as you can never really be sure what is in a dressing or soup or whatnot unless you really know the place you are eating at is dedicated to real food. It was surprisingly easy in LA to go out to eat, and I think the gluten-free fad has really taken off all of a sudden, so I think it will get easier as well, perhaps grain-free will catch on by default!



Comments on Pesticide Use Requested – BC

Dandelion isectIn December I had a hair analysis test done which showed high levels of pesticides in my body that are helping to overload my detox systems. I did the test because I thought I would find high levels of flouride or pharmaceutical drugs from drinking tap water, but instead found high levels of Advent and Tordon 50 among other things (like Cyanazine and Eraicaine). As a result I have gotten interested in the issue of pesticide use in British Columbia. It seems that most other provinces have some sort of guidelines and restrictions but BC doesn’t. At the moment the Integrated Pest Management group is asking for discussion, comments and suggestions, please get involved in the discussion here.