Urban Dweller’s DIY – Basic Manual

I have finally gotten the first draft of my Urban Dweller’s DIY finally up. Please check it out! Bear in mind that this is a work in progress. What I am especially interested in is bringing together all kinds of ways people are working towards living a more sustainable life. I am eager for suggestions as well as contributions on this. I have a couple more practical tutorials on their way so keep posted for an updated version coming soon. There are so many great ideas out there. Everything counts, small big, you name it.

Follow this link to access and download the manual: Urban Dweller’s DIY

Dumb Blonde Goes to Asilah

Dumb Blonde Goes to Asilah

Folks have been asking for more stories. I was thinking about my time studying food preparation rituals in Morocco recently after reading Sunshine's experiences in Egypt and decided to look through my old journals for a tale for you. I came across this story I wrote about a very crazy experience I h ...