Guerrilla Grafters

Guerrilla Grafters – “Let Them Eat Fruit”

San Francisco is once again spearheading the guerrilla cultural movement with the latest in guerrilla gardening — Guerrilla Grafting in which trees around the city are grafted with delicious, freely available fruits.

The following article is from City Fruit: Guerrilla Grafting By Patricia Larenas

San Francisco will experience an unexpected windfall of free fruit thanks to a group of graft-happy gardeners. They call themselves the Guerrilla Grafters, and their vision is to see the trees lining the city streets begin to produce perfectly edible food. When I interviewed one of the Guerrilla Grafters recently, I learned that it’s not all about the grafting.

I discovered that Tara (last name withheld to protect her privacy), an early member of the Guerrilla Grafters, cares deeply about the society in which we live and our relationship with public spaces. We had interesting and engaging chat via Skype, and she explained what’s behind their efforts to crowd-source caring for fruiting trees in public spaces.