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DIY Seed Bombs – Rogue Radishes and Crimson Blessings

The technique for creating seed balls was developed by Japanese natural farming pioneer Masanobu Fukuoka. Seed balls or seed bombs are very easy to make. The secret ingredient is clay, this holds the seeds and fertilizer together and makes it difficult for birds to eat the seeds before they get a chance to get growing.

Dokonjo Daikon “Gutsy Radish”

With seed bombs you can make a beautiful variety of gardens! When you know the type of soil you are planting on etc you can adjust your seed mix accordingly. I have tested out several mixtures of seeds, the one that worked the best on hard, depleted, stony and packed urban soils, was a mixture of crimson clover with diakon and wildflowers. Any kind of clover is great for nourishing the soil. Diakon radish is added because it is such a powerful plant. Huge diakon have been known to grow out of asphalt, breaking it apart in Japan — diakon are great at helping to break up earth that is packed and rocky so that roots can grow deeper. Wildflowers add some diversity. (Check out images from the garden started with these seed bombs here)