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Green Smoothies Are a Danger to your Health

I just want to recommend the Townsend Letter to anyone who is interested in cutting edge health information. This article published in Jan 2015 is very timely. I have a lot of friends who have succumbed to this health fad, so it is really good to have a clear picture laid out for us as to exactly how our bodies deal with the oxalate acid that green smoothies are full of.

green smoothie

The Green Smoothie Fad:
This Road to Health Hell is Paved with Toxic Oxalate Crystals

by William Shaw, PhD
Source: Townsend Letter Jan 2015

Internet news this past fall indicated the conviction of an oncologist who attempted to kill her boyfriend who was involved with another woman. The weapon of choice was ethylene glycol, popularly known as antifreeze, which had been placed in his coffee. Although emergency measures saved his life, extensive deposits of oxalate crystals, the main toxic metabolite of ethylene glycol, had caused extensive kidney and liver damage, reducing the man’s lifespan by about half.