Purple Cow Ice Cream

Now we are talking extra tasty and healthy, with the right ingredients! Please only use top quality raw milk and eggs from a farmer you know for this recipe for full nutritional benefits.

Purple cow was the name given to a favorite drink of yester-year: fresh raw milk and freshly pressed concord grape juice. We simply took this to the next level and made it into raw purple cow ice-cream!


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Backyard Edibles 2008 II

Vancouver BC, has some of the most incredible backyard gardens in the world, and walking the alleys is one of the best ways to view these spectacular edible works of art. I am constantly amazed by how many beans and tomatoes can be grown on a patch of land or in pots, and it is fantastic to see balconies and…

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Backyard Edibles 2008 I

The micro-farms of Vancouver BC are absolutely incredible. After traveling all over the world and being an avid walker I have seen urban backyards from New Zealand to Cambodia, New York to Papua New Guinea and can say that Vancouver BC takes the prize hands down, no questions asked. OK, I have never seen the gardens in Italy or China…

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