I Wish I Had A Kombucha Koat

But if I won a continuous brew system that would do too….

Not so long ago I stumbled across an amazing project — clothing made from kombucha leather! What else but kombucha can be a delicious healing beverage and a jacket all at once? I guess how they do it is by fermenting the kombucha in large square vats. The thickness of the SCOBY that forms is carefully measured until the desired width. These sheets of bacteria and yeast are then dried and cut and stitched into jeans, coats and whatnot! I have been trying to figure out a way I can use this method myself, unfortunately I don’t have much space for large vats of kombucha, so I have been dreaming of a kombucha koat of many kolors, by using many small patches of kombucha rounds sewn together.

Comment4Calendar Raffle

Comment4Calendar Raffle

We are getting ready to do a huge upgrade of the website and would just like to get a bit more feedback from you guys. In order to encourage this we are having a Comment4Calendar Raffle. What does this mean? Basically, anyone who makes a relevant and interesting comment anywhere on the Hella Delicio ...