White Bait Fritters

It wasn’t until I moved to NZ that I first started making fritters. I consider fritters to be one of a New Zealand’s national foods. They make fritters out of anything–beets, corn, sweet potato….White bait fritters could be called NZ’s national dish. For a Kiwi, the fritters I am about to describe are not actually white-bait. They are silver fish, and Chinese, in fact even comparing the two is a sin.

NZ white bait are a whole other ball-game, any Kiwi will tell you that. They are much more expensive than silver-fish. During the white bait season in New Zealand, all ages can be found down on the beach pulling white-bait fresh out of the water, whisking them up with some eggs and right into the frying pan with some butter. Talk about fresh! This recipe is my version and we think it is very tasty even if you have to use silver fish instead of white bait. These days you may also want to know where your fish came from, because it isn’t recommended to eat fish from the Pacific Ocean because of the Fukushima disaster.

Fried Bananas and Cream

Fried Bananas and Cream

Now this is a delicious, simple and tasty treat. An old favorite from distantly remembered escapades in S.E. Asia where banana pancakes are a backpackers delight. Serves 2 2 very ripe bananas 2 T coconut oil whipped cream lime zest Method: Slice the bananas about 1/2 cm thick on ...