Freya Aswynn

Runes and Rituals

Some of you may have thought that I am a Christian because of how much I talk about my MK (missionary kid) upbringing in Papua New Guinea (who wouldn’t enjoy being a kid in the jungles of PNG?). The truth of the matter is I no longer call myself Christian. The thing that kept me on the fence for so long was going to one of the most liberal colleges in the US, studying anthropology there and finding out that Western non-Christians aren’t much different than Christians. That surprised me and made me question my disgust with Christianity.

Leaving high school I was so disillusioned with the hypocrisy of most of the Christians I encountered I was ready to have nothing to do with Christianity. If I had gone to a Christian college like Toccoa I probably would have been done with Christianity right away–or committed suicide. I will say here that I know many authentic Christians, my family included so I am not trying to rag on Christianity specifically. What I have found, is the world outside of Christianity has just as much bullshit and hypocrisy as the Christians do. In fact many people who are not Christians are just as self-righteous as the most upity, down-the-nose-looking Christian. This seems to be especially bad in Western countries particularly the US, UK, Canada, NZ and Australia. In my book many Atheists are at the root the same as Christians. They still have many puritanical notions, are rigid in their thinking, are racist and unable to understand people who are different than them. They see everything in black and white.