Quest for Raw Milk

The community of real milk.

I’ve been talking a lot about raw milk lately, but haven’t really explained much of my own history and why I am so passionate about such a strange thing. While making my weekly journey to pick up my share of raw milk, the bright orange colors of the fall leaves stimulated memories from my own quest for raw milk….

Come to think of it, one of the cowshare members from our community meeting last night asked me how I got interested in raw milk, so I have had it on my mind. It is really exciting and interesting to meet the people involved in the Our Cows cowshare. In many ways I am glad that Fraser Health has forced us to come together as a community.

I am not really sure when I decided to find a way to drink raw milk. A moment I can put my finger on is a day in the back alleys of Kao San Road in Bangkok. I was killing time, waiting for my visa to Burma to be processed, when I found a book in a remote corner of an overloaded trinket/bookstore: The Traditional Healer’s Handbook: A Classic Guide to the Medicine of Avicenna by Hakim G.M. Chishti N.D.