Canada Used Agent Orange Extensively

They managed to kill several people and give cancer to many others in the process. It’s all just coming out now….Please read the full article here. More links to articles below. Please get involved by helping to get the petition (below) signed.

Star Exclusive: Agent Orange “soaked” Ontario teens

Diana Zlomislic Staff Reporter

Records from the 1950s, 60s and 70s show forestry workers, often students and junior rangers, spent weeks at a time as human markers holding red, helium-filled balloons on fishing lines while low-flying planes sprayed toxic herbicides including an infamous chemical mixture known as Agent Orange on the brush and the boys below.

A Star investigation examined hundreds of boxes of forestry documents and found the provincial government began experimenting with a powerful hormone-based chemical called 2,4,5-T — the dioxin-laced component of Agent Orange — in Hearst, Ont., in 1957.