Use Butter Generously

This is an interesting article written around 1929 when the USDA was doing its best to encourage people to eat more butter because of a butter surplus! What a different world that was.


Edible Oil Wars: Adulterated Mustard Oil

Given the rising plethora of food outbreaks courtesy of our industrial food system, this article will give us some history and a clear example of how large-scale agriculture is destroying every corner of our world.

The following events are taken from Vandana Shiva’s book Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply, which was written in 2000. As she states, the Indian small scale edible oil industry is not what it once was.

The story of how the soybean displaced mustard in India within a few months of open imports is a story being repeated with different foods, crops, and cultures across the world, as subsidized exports from industrialized countries are dumped on agricultural societies, destroying livelihoods, biodiversity, and cultural diversity of food. The expansion of global markets is taking place by extinguishing local economies and cultures.



Edible Oil Wars: Genetically Modified Oils

After reading this recent horrific news about what the biotech industry is plotting for our supposed ‘health’ by manipulating vegetable oils even further, we realized we need more info about oil and fat and the economic battles that are being and have been fought over this most basic and vital nutrient for humankind on this website.

Many years ago–way back in 2000–I was the Sous chef at a Renaissance International Hotel, we were hosting some kind of very important conference for UNICEF for a week or so. During this conference I had to pander to the dietary demands of the most nasty, easily irritated and just generally grumpy old man I have ever met (and I have met some grumpy ones I guarantee it). He was on a low-cholesterol diet and I had to cook everything for him on a no-stick pan with absolutely no fat of any kind. At that time I had not yet heard of Weston A. Price or Sally Fallon, but I was pretty sure that his grumpiness was a direct result of his no-fat diet.



The Generous Pumpkin

Not only is the flesh of the pumpkin delicious and nutritious, but also it's seeds and blossoms, in fact, in some places even the leaves are added to soup. Pumpkins have the ability to create healing in both the Earth and our bodies.


Free Fat

Free The Traditional Fats

2002 marked a turning point for traditional fats with the report by the Institute of Medicine that no level of trans-fats is safe in our diets.

In 2003 a set of very informative articles were published in the San Francisco Chronicle. In them our out-dated information about the evils of saturated fats such as lard and coconut oil were laid to rest. These are very comprehensive and enjoyable reading. Links are provided below.

That was nearly 5 years ago…unfortunately we have been so indoctrinated with fear of saturated fats that even with hefty evidence looming all around us we are having great difficulty in shaking our terror of saturated fats and cholesterol.

The nation’s obesity rate began to skyrocket in the mid-’80s about the same time national low-fat public health campaigns were in full swing. In one year alone –1998-99– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures show that the nation’s obesity rate rose an astonishing 6 percent. —Fat Makes A Comeback After 3 Lean Decades

This is in part due to the inability of the health industry and others to admit a huge mistake has been made, resulting in epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Perhaps they are afraid of the compensation that might be demanded if this manipulation of the nation was acknowledged. There is huge amounts of money at stake:

  • Pharmaceutical companies who are selling incredible amounts of cholesterol lowering (and other) drugs to the population.
  • Health insurance groups who are enforcing the requirements that we all need to be on cholesterol lowering drugs.
  • Corn and soybean (and other vegetable oil) agriculture conglomerates are highly subsidized to produce unnecessary amounts of these products. Look at the ingredients on our food there is corn or soybean bulking practically everything.


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Garlic – Turmeric Oil

This is really easy to make and handy to have in the kitchen. A mainstay in Burmese kitchens it results in two great additions for salads. Crispy golden fried garlic and garlic-turmeric infused oil. Method: Peel and slice thinly as much garlic as you would like to have available. I suggest 2 heads of garlic to make the exercise worthwhile.…