Images of the Talvivaara Pollution

Picture of a stream leading from the illegal Talvivaara mine in Finland to a nearby lake foaming with pollutants.

The following image was posted in reply to the post explaining more about the Talvivaara mine disaster with the comment:

And just recently dead birds have been found in the process solution pool of the mine. Amazingly enough, police asked the people who found the birds “Did you bring them there yourselves?”

Click on image to go to a video of the birds.

Sima – Finnish Mead

Sima – Finnish Mead

As I started writing up this article on sima I realized my timing couldn't be be better. Vappu is only a week away. Just enough time to brew up my first batch of the year. It brings back a flood of memories of my time in Finland. Sima is a Finnish homemade mead, and is the traditional drink for t ...