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The Great Invocation


For anyone wanting to join in the full moon meditations of Aries, Taurus and Gemini to assist with bringing Shambhala to Earth the following outlines the history, rituals and invocation. There will also be a group meditation at the Roundhouse in Vancouver BC on the 5th of June from 7-9pm. The following is reposted from

Full Moon Meditations by Tony Knight

At the full moon time all our lower bodies (physical, emotional and lower mental), which are called ‘lunar bodies’ are removed from the direct impression of the moon. Because of this we have a chance to radiate our inner light through our lower bodies, which are still polluted, to some degree, from the previous influence from the moon. When the lower bodies are more or less without stimulation from the moon, the higher energies release themselves and penetrate abundantly into humanity. Those who do not have enough mental equilibrium show signs of mental imbalance at full moon time, with the overflowing spiritual energies creating excessive tension (hence the term lunatic!)

Shambhala aka Shangri-la

Shambhala aka Shangri-la

My first exposure to the legend of Shambhala was when I went to boarding school. There was a huge, plush, five-star Shangri-La (now Traders) hotel in the middle of the nearby town. Even the bathrooms were impressive, all in marble. In those days, although I had no idea that there was anything mo ...