Beautiful Handmade Bilums (bags) of Papua New Guinea

bilum and sweet peas

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The last time I spent more than a couple days in Papua New Guinea I learned how to make a bilum from a wonderful highland woman by the name of Kapaim. She was very patient with me–I was determined to finish before I had to leave to begin culinary school. I worked day and night, stubbornly insisting on rolling most of the string myself. I finished the job in time–I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to finish if I didn’t get it done. Even then it took me at least three weeks and this is a small bilum! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to remember how to start a new one and haven’t been able to make another one since. I have just discovered these great detailed instructions for making a bilum on The Papua New Guinea Bilum facebook page.

Sprayed Like Insects – Chemtrails

Sprayed Like Insects – Chemtrails

Over the past few years I have seen various information about chemtrails. While I was reading about it I would be concerned, but once finished, I would quickly put it out of my mind. I know I am not the only one who does that when faced with something so outrageous--especially if there doesn't seem ...