Cleopatra’s Secret to Success

Image: Rare mosaic etching by IREL

Cleaopatra’s Secret to Success: Fermented Milk Baths

I was recently listening to an Ayurvedic practitioner speaking about how this ancient healing system understands skin as having two components. There is the interior skin, which consists of your gut tube which includes the inside of your mouth and other mucous membranes, then there is your exterior skin, which is skin as we know it that covers your body. The place where these two skins meet is where your inner lips begin and at the interior corners of your mouth in particular.

Milk & Honey Bath with Myrrh and Rose Petal. Cleopatra bath recipe from www.relaxedbath.com

This understanding of the skin struck me as very valuable. The inner skin is incredibly sensitive, the epithelial layer of cells is very thin and has to both absorb your nutrients through the digestive process as well as to form a barrier to keep out toxins, pathogenic micro-organisms and more. Since these two skins are continuous, your outer skin reflects what is happening with your inner skin. If you have lesions, rashes, ulcers and pimples on your outer skin, your internal skin is also having these problems. These two skins are also both coated with an intimate layer of bio-films which cutting edge research is currently unveiling. These bio-films can be made up of pathogenic micro-organisms such as Candida yeasts and Clostridia bacteria, or they can be made up of probiotic micro-organisms that not only protect you from all kinds of insults from chemicals, heavy metals, electromagnetic frequencies, viruses and more, but also help to manufacture beneficial vitamins (especially B and K) and assist with absorption of nutrients.